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Why Advertise on LISoundFishing.com?

Hello and thanks for considering advertising on LISoundFishing.com.

I'm Mark Steiner, the co-owner of the site. I'm a lifelong resident of the area, growing up in Long Island for 27 years and now residing in Connecticut for another 27. I've been fishing the area for over 45 years and decided it was time to share my fishing passion with others while promoting the area and the businesses that serve our fishing community. It is my mission to share with you this common love for fishing in a way that not only enriches the entire angling experience, but also to shine powerful visibility to those involved making a living at this noble way of life. I look forward to building strong relationships and strong results in our local community known as long Island Sound!

So why advertise on LISoundfishing.com?

The short answer is we have an affordable and proven track record of generating business for local companies that serve the LI Sound Fishing Community. Here is what one of our sponsors had to say.

"Thanks again for everything! I really appreciate all of the time you spent with me helping me understand how to use the site. You were very patient and helpful. I have never seen such an immediate impact from any type of advertising as I have from NJFishing.com. I have had registered members in here pretty much every day to take advantage of the special promotion that I ran. My traffic and sales have doubled from Costa Sales and NJFishing.com Members. Everyone that has come in has been great. In addition, I am amazed at how many members posted onto your welcome message and the amount of views in such a short period of time. As long as I am in business (which I am confident will be a long time), I will be a proud NJFishing.com sponsor."

Jamie Troster
Eyes on First Ave

The long answer is we are striving to be the largest and most trusted fishing web site to serve the LI Sound Fishing Community:

  • We have a proven track record of doing this in NJ with NJFishing.com and have been around since 1997.
  • LISoundfishing.com is a fairly easy site name to remember so we will get tons of traffic and word of mouth advertising..
  • We intend to lead the way in Search Engine Optimization as well so when people search for fishing LI Sound information on sites like they are certain to find us.
  • Unlike newspapers or magazines, our information is current and our site is full of up to the minute local fishing information. They use this information to plan their fishing trips and with a click of a button they can go directly to your web site and get all the particulars about your business right on line, something that is not possible with a print ad.
  • We are fisherman ourselves so we enjoy what we do, are active in the community and support local fishing organizations inmembership and fund raising.
  • The single most valuable asset of any site is its reputation. We take great pride in and have made a very conscious effort to become a friendly, valued and trusted site to our visitors. We make sure people who post on the site do so in a friendly and respectful manner and everyone who posts on the site is prescreened. This makes for a very positive experience for visitors and our sponsors alike. We have two very affordable Sponsorship opportunities to help you promote your business:
  • The Linking Option places your business name, phone number and web site link in the appropriate section of the site. It will also be placed in your particular Port of Call on our Interactive New Jersey map.
  • The Banner Option gives you everything in the Linking Plan plus a prominent banner ad that will be placed at the top of message board or on top the main site page. These are permanent and not rotating banners so they will always be seen on the site. When someone clicks on your banner they will be taken directly to your web site. If you don't have a banner, don't worry, we can create one for you.

  • With both Sponsorship options, you also have the added benefit of using the Message Board to further promote your business. You can post fishing reports and schedules and include links to your web site. People read your posts and with a click of a button they are instantly taken to your site. You can't get that from a newspaper or magazine.
Please send an email to advertising@lisoundfishing.com and I'll be happy to email you our current rates and answer any questions you might have. If you'd like to be contacted by phone, please include your phone number. Thanks once again for your interest in advertising with LISound.com. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to increase your business and get the most out of your advertising investment with us.

Yours in Success,

Mark Steiner
LISoundFishing.com LLC